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More Than a Company Gas Card

The Sheetz® Business Edge Card gives you fueling access plus much, much more.

Each Business Edge Card provides value in every Sheetz location on products for the vehicle and driver. The Business Edge Card allows you to consolidate all your vehicle management expenses on one easy-to-read report and invoice each month.

You can use your Business Edge Card at over 450 Sheetz locations in PA, VA, MD, WV, OH, and NC. In addition, if you choose the Sheetz Business Edge Universal Card, you'll have fueling access nationwide.

Save up to 6¢ per gallon EVERYDAY!

Every penny counts when it comes to managing your business fuel expense. How about a fleet card program that you can save up to 6¢ off per gallon at ALL Sheetz locations plus greater control over every penny you spend? What do we want in return? A little commitment. How about signing up for a Sheetz Business Edge Card? It's a win-win, all the way!

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